Creemos en los principios, en las aspiraciones altas y significativas. Que trascienden los números. Cogemos marcas, hacemos historias, diseñamos experiencias. Avanzamos, caemos y retrocedemos para volver a avanzar. Pero el impulso que nos guía es el de seguir siempre hacia adelante, más, mejor, profundo. Nos llevan nuestras ideas, creatividad, tenemos el motor:pasión. No se puede copiar la pasión. Crear, conectar y crecer. Pasión por dar lo mejor, por contar nuestra historia y articular la tuya, la de tu marca.
“Hay una historia en cada uno de nosotros…Y VAMOS A CONTARLA”.
Les dejamos un regalo para el cierre de esta primavera, de la mano de ADOBE. Nos identificamos a pleno con este Manifesto.
*Abajo pusimos el texto en inglés.

We are the creative class. We are alone in our rooms with one dream among us. We tell stories about boys and girls who learn to fly and we make those stories come as true as our minds can will them. Our teachers are comic books and cartoons; every bedroom a Bat Cave, every den the mutant lair. Our gallery is hung with magnets on the fridge.
We stand on your corner and wonder, What if we could play for a living? What if we could use chalk to make this sidewalk more interesting? What if there are others out here watching the trees turn into polka dots? We fill wastebaskets with weak ideas. Our cash goes to canvas and acrylic colors, and we wonder, How much bologna can we eat before it’s bad for us? Can we bottle the smell of fear and sell it?
We paint a mural of the ocean and in the wall we find the shell around a tiny pearl. We share it between us. It warms our hands. Let’s use it to guide us in twos and threes. Let’s make something there in the dark, so we’re not afraid of the dark ever again. We are the photo negative and we are what develops. There are forty of us making this work after hours because we’ve figured out a way to do it better. Don’t say that it’s impossible and that there’s no budget for glitter. Give us a wheel to reinvent. Let’s make a lighter, cleaner water jug for disaster relief. Let’s turn sustainable design into design that sustains us all.
We are millions of us armed with drop cloths and wood glue and a vision. We will silk screen a banner that flies colors you’ve never heard of. Let’s raise high the beams and set the roof on fire. Let’s send a ripple from here to New Delhi. We can start a rally with a website, a revolution with a jpeg, and we are more than the sum of our parts. We get presidents elected. We are an army. We are alone in our rooms. There is a story in all of us and we are going to make it.